Series Shorts

by Zoe Edelmann

Village: As the sun goes down, I look out over the little town I call home. The sun glints off windows and shines behind buildings, making it look like the buildings are glowing with floating stars. When the moon comes up, it steals those stars and puts them out of our reach into the sky. The moon shines as if bragging that it gets to see the world from such an amazing view, and I'm stuck down here dreaming of what is up where the sun, the moon, and the stars live.

Sun: Every day I only see the busy day that the people down on earth have, and I see that they get ready for bed as I go down, but I never see what they see when the moon comes. I see the little girl walk past the large metal gates of her home, up to the top of a hill, and watch me as I go down--my last look is of her staring at the sky as the moon comes up. I long to see the world from her point of view to see something different. I long to know what her life is like when she sees the change from sun to moon.

Moon: As I rise high above the world, I feel a gentle gaze that I have welcomed every night for many years. I feel a longing to know where that gaze comes from. I long to see the world when it is lit up with the brightness from the sun. I want to know where the stars awake from before I summon them into the sky to help me watch over the Earth through the night. The gaze I feel haunts me, telling me that there is a wonder down where the people live and the stars awake. My whole life I have longed to know what I watch over every night.